Why becoming a handyman business is a great idea for 2024

 Why becoming a handyman business is a great idea for 2022

You know the saying, Jack of all trades, master of none? It may be true in some cases, but no one can say it about you if you want to become a handyman business in 2022. Having the skills to fix plumbing issues and do electrical work will give your customers peace of mind when they hire you, plus it will make you more valuable in their eyes, which means your customer retention rate will stay strong and your customer referrals will grow exponentially. In fact, getting started with being a handyman business in 2022 may be exactly what you need to take your company to the next level!

DIY Is Dead, But Handymen Still Rock

Handymen are so hot right now. They can be an awesome addition to your side hustle. Think of it like owning your own small construction company, but without all of those expensive permits and equipment! The way I see it, you have three options: You can do some work on your own and save some money by doing things yourself; you can pay someone else to handle all of these small projects for you; or (my favorite) you can become a handyman. If you’re looking for a simple part-time gig that can quickly turn into something more serious, consider starting your own handyman business. Just don’t call it Do It Yourself—that phrase has lost its luster in recent years.

Handymen are Entertaining

The growing popularity of TV shows about home improvement and construction means that it’s getting easier to break into being a handyman. One thing to keep in mind is that being a TV star isn’t required; anyone can become an expert in almost any field through online courses. Still, people love watching true-life stories, so leveraging your TV persona can be an effective way to generate sales. You could also focus on social media—especially if you live in a place where opportunities are limited—or take out ads on platforms like Facebook or Google AdWords. Another strategy is to make yourself more visible by partnering with local charities and community organizations. Being seen as someone who cares about others can help bring new clients your way—and provide opportunities for growth beyond repair work alone.

Give Back To The Community

One of reasons why starting a home repair business can be so rewarding is that it’s possible to give back to your community. A lot of people hire contractors because they are too busy or unskilled at handling repairs themselves, but sometimes homeowners don’t want to pay someone to do something small like hang pictures or fix a leaky pipe. Donating services also means you can develop relationships with people in your community and get repeat work. The trust built through service helps create loyal customers. It’s easy to feel good about helping others when you are working on your own terms. If you have a way with words, consider writing an essay about how giving back to your community has helped build your business. Share your thoughts about what being a good citizen of your neighborhood means to you. Or if you would rather write about another topic, try drafting an outline for a nonfiction book based off that idea. Include sections such as: Introduction; How I Became Involved; What We Do; Our Impact; Challenges Faced; Plans For Growth; And Future Plans For Our Business.

You Can Start As A Side Hustle

Many of today’s new businesses are run from home. If you have skills or expertise, starting your own business can be an exciting and profitable experience. For example, if you enjoy carpentry and have built decks for friends and family, maybe starting a landscaping company would be a smart choice. Or perhaps you know how to maintain homes using all-natural products; maybe cleaning services would be in demand by future clients. In fact, there are many small business ideas that only require one person to get started. And with today’s technology, running a successful side hustle doesn’t take much more than knowledge and some basic tools.

Ask For Referrals

If your customers love you and your service, they’ll be happy to refer their friends and family. Make sure you ask them about it! Most people won’t make that leap themselves, but if you send over an email asking if they know anyone else who could use your services, they might feel more comfortable doing so. If possible, provide a few sample names of friends or family members who might need some work done around their house or apartment. This will help put your customer at ease while making them feel like they’re helping out a friend in need. You can also offer to give these referrals special discounts on future jobs. It’s a win-win. 

Social media may seem scary, but it’s worth getting into. Many businesses start with just one or two social media sites (like Twitter or Instagram), learn how to best use those networks, then move onto others as needed. When using social media as part of your marketing strategy, remember that even though there are millions (if not billions) of users online at any given time; most won’t see your posts and videos unless you pay for ad space with those sites.

Collaborate With Other Businesses

When you start your own small business, it’s important to consider how other businesses might be able to help. After all, they have plenty of experience and resources to share—and they might have special offers available exclusively to small-business owners like you. Think about partnering with local businesses that offer complimentary services and see if there are ways you can create synergy between your respective businesses. For example, if you run an accounting firm, ask another local business owner who needs accounting work done if he or she would be interested in hiring your firm to do some of their books. Or perhaps you could team up with a fellow entrepreneur who has a related service (like website design) and find clients together. There are many different ways to collaborate with other businesses, so don’t limit yourself! Just make sure to choose wisely when deciding which partnerships will work best for your company. If you decide to partner with someone else, set clear expectations at the beginning and stick to them; both parties should benefit from any partnership arrangement. You may also want to seek out opportunities for networking events and seminars hosted by groups such as SCORE or chambers of commerce. These organizations frequently host events where you can meet other entrepreneurs who may be looking for potential partners as well.

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